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Letter from the President


CEE is a learning organization. In 2018 we learned a lot.

We learned from a CEE-led Energy Efficiency Potential Study, and from a Strategic Electrification forum that we hosted. We learned from more than a dozen energy conservation programs we deliver. And we learned from our own independent research, including nine new state-funded grants through the Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources.

We also learned from our growing staff of energy field professionals, now numbering about 150 working out of offices in Minneapolis and St. Paul, and from new board members with diverse skillsets and experience to help guide our way. In 2018, CEE's board of directors added three new members to expand and strengthen its roster: LisaBeth Barajas, Amanda Novak, and Nancy Tyra-Lukens. The three join CEE's existing board, which itself is a composite that fittingly reflects CEE's merger with the Neighborhood Energy Connection (NEC) in 2017.

And in true form for our nonprofit role, everything we’ve learned, we’ve shared.

As CEE continues to grow as a mission-driven clean energy leader, we’re grateful for all the community stakeholders and field collaborators who help power our progress toward pragmatic energy solutions, increased savings, and a lower-carbon economy with benefits for all.


Chris Duffrin, President



Our Work



Identify and explore cost-effective energy efficiency measures and policies

Lasting progress comes from data-informed responses to complex challenges. CEE investigates cost-effective measures that support energy efficiency and public health. From homes to high-rises, our comprehensive field research examines the savings and performance characteristics of building systems and equipment.



cut energy waste while improving comfort in homes, businesses, and communities

Using the latest behavioral research and a “one-stop” approach, CEE’s programs address barriers that many homeowners and businesses face when considering energy improvements. By reducing these barriers through assessments, tracking, and education, we’ve become experts in helping to cut energy use at home and at work.


Empower upgrades for energy efficiency and comfort in homes and businesses

CEE’s Lending Center offers financing to residential property owners and businesses for energy-related improvements, as well as general home improvement loans. In addition to loans funded by CEE’s own capital, the Lending Center provides services for partnering cities, utilities, and Minnesota Housing’s Fix-Up program.



Strive for high-impact, pragmatic solutions guided by a public interest ethic

CEE advances effective clean energy policies for a healthy, low-carbon economy. Driven by a longstanding focus on community, consumer protection, and the environment. Operating at local, state, and national levels, CEE works across sectors and interests to achieve broad support for clean energy policies.



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Our Leadership


Board of Directors

Julia Donaldson, Chair

Tom Garry, Vice Chair

LisaBeth Barajas

Ralph Dickinson

John Kopchik

Amir Nadav

Amanda Novak

Nancy Tyra-Lukens

Non-voting Officers of the Corporation

Chris Duffrin, President

Stephanie Haddad, Corporate Secretary

Leadership Group

Dave Bohac, Director of Research

Mike Bull, Director of Policy and External Affairs

Chris Duffrin, President

Jenny Edwards, Director of Planning and Engagement

Kristen Funk, Director of Commercial Programs

Stephanie Haddad, Chief Operating Officer

Mark Hancock, Director of Engineering

Tim Hanrahan, Director of Communications

Jim Hasnik, Lending Manager

Carl Nelson, Director of Program Development

Rebecca Olson, Director of Residential Programs

Julie Reinertson, Human Resources Manager

Tom Spielman, Director of Information Technology

Judy Thommes, Operations Manager

Meranda Wacek, Chief Financial Officer